Book of Ra Deluxe

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The Book of Ra Deluxe game is the most successful casino slot game on the market and has been hugely popular for many different reasons. The game is at the forefront of the market for its innovative style of game play and amazing graphics. The game producers when making the Book of Ra Deluxe slot game researched heavily what elements of a casino game are important to players and the results were the following the theme, the game play and the graphics and the sound effects. These elements were obviously the most important for players so the game producers ensured that these elements were excellent so the best possible slot game could be made. The graphics in the game are mind blowing and at the forefront of anything else on the market. The Book of Ra Deluxe slot also boasts the best and cleverest sounds to accompany a casino slot game. This is all before the theme of the game is evaluated which is simply excellent and very enjoyable due to the excitement levels that are created. The Book of Ra Deluxe game appeals to a worldwide player base and players from all over the world are able to appreciate the idea behind the slot game.

The first of the reasons behind the Book of Ra Deluxe slot games success is the theme of the game where players can enjoy a wonderfully well thought out game. The game transports a player on an amazing adventure to the other side of the world and takes them into the deepest and darkest of routes to find the treasure. The Book of Ra Deluxe game really does keep players on the edge of their seat because of the exciting story that really manages to involve players. The Book of Ra Deluxe game is based on an American explorer from Indiana whose father was an expert historian and followed with great interest ancient Egypt. The historian’s extensive researches into ancient Egypt lead him to discover that there was a book that had the power to unlock the location of the pharaoh’s treasure. The Book of Ra Deluxe game places the player in the shoes of the explorer finding out his father’s research and deciding to set off to Egypt to search for the book. The game is based in Egypt where the explorer must begin his search through the clues and deep in the ancient pyramids to get closer to the book.

The explorer’s arrival in Egypt starts with him searching through the map and clues that his historian father had left for him. These clues then lead the player to an old and massive ancient pyramid where the explorer with a combination of secret clues will manage to gain entry to the structure. The Book of Ra Deluxe game shows the explorer sneaking into this dark environment which is very haunting and dangerous. The interior of this dark huge pyramid has painted and patterned stone walls where the explorer can hunt for more clues. The Books of Ra Deluxe game takes a player past different routes and tunnels where different dangers can be found, one of the main dangers a player must watch for are the scarabs that can chase and eat a player. The Book of Ra Deluxe game also features sarcophaguses that hold dead bodies from main years ago and players must be careful not to awaken the mummies. These dangers on the journey through the pyramids result in the explorer risking life and limb to try and reach the book. The book is kept right at the centre of the pyramid and finding this Book of Ra Deluxe will be treated with vast rewards.

The Explorer character in the Book of Ra Deluxe game is a mid thirty’s handsome but rough American explorer. The character features a leather jacket and hat and has a rope around his shoulder that he uses for climbing and other adventurous tasks. The explorer is unshaven, full of muscle and is a very convincing character for the role of an explorer. This explorer in the Book of Ra Deluxe game is fearless and players will really warm to the role he plays in the game. The explorer has a large resemblance to a hit film character called Indian Jones and this movie character is hugely popular and very well known. Players will notice this resemblance to the movie character and will enjoy the game even more as they will think of this famous and very popular explorer whist playing the Book of Ra Deluxe game. The game is very focused on this one character and follows his adventure so it is very important that the player warms to his character. The Book of Ra Deluxe game is excellent at presenting the character and animating this face so that players feel closer and more involved with his adventure.

The next exciting feature in the Book of Ra Deluxe game is how the game places the player into the explorer’s shoes and players will really feel as if they are deeply involved in the adventure. This is done through the excellent graphics and sound effects that the game producers have used to create one of the best slots on the net. The background of the slot game is simply sensational and players will love the different details that have gone into the making of the Book of Ra Deluxe game. The first of these interesting details is the level of animation that has gone into each of the different symbols in the Book of Ra Deluxe game. The different symbols are all animated in very detailed styles and really jump out of the screen at the player. This level of animation adds to a player’s enjoyment of the slot game massively as players will really enjoy the detail put into the symbols. The symbols in the game all perform a different 3D movement when they land on the reel which looks excellent and further movement happens when they are involved in a winning line. The great story and theme of the Book of Ra Deluxe game are excellently presented on the screen through the games graphics and the sound effects.